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Portrait Services

Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is an art which transforms a portrait into something beyond imagination. This technique goes farther than just enhancing features and hiding flaws, it involves blending of reality and illusion to create a something that stands out of the crowd. Your search for perfect Photo Manipulation service provider ends here at Mast Creations.

Photo Montage

Photo montages are often confused with photo collages. Creating a photo montage involves artistically rearranging and overlapping of images captured using different camera angles and lighting using the state-of-art software. Our team of experts works hard to provide photo montages of portraits that capture everyone’s attention.

Events Photo Editing

Event marketing is solely dependent on photographs from the event that create a real-like aura for viewers who weren’t physically present. Well edited photographs from events allow potential attendees and sponsors to anticipate and expect a certain level of the extravaganza. Mast Creations specializes in event photo editing and promise you services like no other in the industry.

Color Corrections

No camera can ever fully capture the true beauty of life, but contrastingly there are times a when photograph looks more beautiful than reality. All thanks to color correction, ordinary photographs when touched with expert hands regain their life-like structure and color. Mast Creations offer color correction services for flawless portrait photography business.


Portrait photographs tend to highlight even the minutest, slightest of imperfection on the human body. Tight portraits require airbrushing to project the skin as a smooth surface with no marks, bumps or scars. Our airbrushed photographs look more real than reality, try for yourself!

Shadow Editing

It’s beyond a camera’s capacity to alter shadows patches, darkness. What looks absolutely perfect to the normal eye; looks obtrusive and dented in digital images. Thus, we fix these slight issues while editing shadows from the image to attain perfection. Try our services now!

Exposure Corrections

Certain photos are ‘too bright’ while others are too dark. What do we do with such images? Discard them? Forget them? No! Exposure correction solutions provided at Mast Creations adjust lighting and exposure levels to provide you with images that are ‘just perfect’.

Photo Retouching

Portrait photo retouching is probably one of the most delicate facets of photo editing. It is easy to get carried away while doing so and overshadowing the real beauty of the picture. Only an expert knows when to stop retouching an image. Keep your real portraits, real-like with Mast Creations.

High end photo retouching

There’s no risk taking when it comes to high-end photo retouching. Those with business ranging from online and offline space need high-end retouching for massive advertising. Our strict attention to detail and years of experience proves that we produce exceptional quality images whilst retaining the original vision of the photographer.

Old Photo Restoration

Photographs always bring out happy memories but they too have a certain shelf life beyond which they lose their lustre and significance. But today physical photos no matter how old or distorted can be restored to their former glory with digital repairing techniques. Trust Mast Creations to restore photos

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