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Ansel Adams said , 'You Dont Take Photos , You Make Them' . Your skill and camera is what is takes to take a great photo But for professionals its Photoshop , that makes great photos . Though photoshop is a tool anyone can use but results depends on how and who is using this great tool . 

Photoshop has brought a big revolution when it comes to photography . It has allowed top photographers to expand their abilities and showcase their work with a different angle 

When talking about revolution ADOBE PHOTOSHOP has brought , we can say , it bridged the gap between 'film' and 'digital' photography . Its just like another tool that a photographer has to use everyday . It can be considered as the best tool in your lighting kit .

​Image Created By Mast Creations Using Adobe Photoshop

​As I discussed about Photoshop and its importance with various top photographer what I realized is , its a complete image editing tool .It has the power to change your dull images to what you say 'beautiful' images . Offering the wide range of editing options , from shadow emphasis to color correction , it is the best possible tool a professional photographer can use to enhance images or photos .

This powerful software has the capability to expand the limits of photography itself . 

Photoshop makes a photographer feel like God when it comes to photography or making great photos . By using this tool a photographer can fix what wasn't right while taking the shot from the camera after the shot is taken as well as Photoshop can allow you to do things that a camera alone cannot achieve . 

Adding resources to photographer's needs is another quality of this super image editing software . 

For Example : An XYZ photographer wants to shoot a lovely house but that lovely house doesn't house a lovely garden . It can cost money as well as time for the garden to grow there . But thanks to Photoshop that XYZ person can clone and composite the image to create that exact photo he/she wanted without worrying about money in the pocket . 

That is what we call resourcefulness . 

With Many More features hidden in its bag , this amazing tool has got everything that can make good photos as well can sale good photos . It adds cushion to photographer's life . its been helping professionals as well as amateurs to develop great photos and I can see photography and Photoshop sailing in the same boat to the future . 


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