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Take A Look What They Went Through. Donate For Syria

Syria, once a beautiful country with beautiful people and happy faces is now a 'myth' and the 'myth' will continue for years to come.

Caught by the 'Civil War' for over 6 years, this once beautiful country will suffer for years to come. I was strolling and surfing over internet when i saw few images which actually put me into deep deep realization. Thanks to photographers working there and bringing the situation of Syria in front of the whole world. Why only the photographers should be contributing? Why only NATO forces or armies should be risking life to contribute for the situation that is even worse than hell? The Syrian Civil War has turned Syria into what we can say, 'A Living Hell'. In this blog I ll be sharing few of the images from Syria which opened my eyes. I want you all to look and plead you to contribute whatever is in your hands for the future of the world.

Here To Share Photos So That You Can Care.

All These children never deserved this.  Lets contribute to change their future so that their 'today' won't affect their 'tomorrow'.

​To Contribute Visit These Sites:



Save The Children

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022