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 When starting your career as a photographer , there is one question that troubles every pottential photographer . "How will i earn my living out of photograph?" Almost every person these days carries a camera in one form or another but only few have cracked the code of earning from it . Photography is certainly a hobby but its also a potential promising profession .

Photography can be a full time job or simply a way to earn supplementary income from your hobby . As a photographer one can make money through a lot number of ways . So , if you are ready to mint money using your photography skills , here are few proven sure shot ideas that can trigger your income from photography . 

1. Get Hired By Clients 

Everyone needs a photographer when it comes to 'their' special moment . So there is a huge maket to be explored as a photographer . To get started , build a portfolio , share your work as much as you can and let everyone know about the services you are offering. 

Domains you can choose from:

​- Portrait Photography
- Maternity Photo-shoot
- Newborn Photo-shoot
- Pet Photo-shoot
- Headshots
- Wedding Photo-shoots
- Real Estate Photography

You can charge accordingly for all the different types of shoots . When figuring out your pricing , do your research and try to fit in the competition among fellow photographers in your area or domain .  

2. Sell Stock Photography

Selling stock photographs is a good option when it comes to minting money out of your hobby . If you have a good and vast collections of high quality photographs , then this is your pick . Submit it to various like portals , It is a good way to generate a stream of passive income . There are bog names like iStock , Getty and Shutterstock who can pay you well . All you need to do is 'sign up' as a contributor , read guidelines ,upload your photos with all the relative information asked and submit . It's easy!

3. Sell Prints

People do recognize the work of art these days and are always willing to pay the prize . If you want some extra cash in your pocket then this is for you . Print your work and start selling it via self hosted website or webpage or a dedicated photography platform . Selling prints online is a good option for many different photographers as the scope and area to explore is much more . You can easily help yourself using websites like Smugmug , Photoshelter and Pixieset

Rule To Be Followed : Generally , people don't buy photographs with people in it , so avoid such photos . 

4. Be The Paparazzi

If You are living in a metropolitan  city where celeb sightings are common then this is your cup of tea . Paparazzi are independent photographers who take pictures of high-profile people, such as athletes, entertainers, politicians, and other celebrities, typically while subjects go about their usual life routines. Paparazzi photographers earn really well , as well as their job is also very demanding . You can freelance or can join an agency . Do some research and know whom to contact when selling your photographs .

5. Teach

Every year  witness growing number of people getting addicted to photography . However all those newbies lack in basic skills and knowledge . Why not share your knowledge if the world needs it ? Start a blog or a Youtube webinar initially . If your presentation and speaking skills are as good as your photography this job is for you . Later , one can start professional courses or classes . 

​The internet is vast resource for photographers to earn money . If you are serious about making money from your photography , all you need is your camera and gears , an internet connection , a little creativity and a bit of hustle .

Learn 'How to Market' your skills in this very competitive era .

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