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Beginning Your Photography Career ? This might Help You Get There .

​A lot is over internet these days about photography . It can guide you as well as misguide you . It could be discouraging to retain the correct information for those who are new to photography . This list might become a boon for you when it comes to 'making' great photos . Select what suits you the best .

Photo By Trent Parke 

Don't Think , Just 'Click'

One regret that any photographer has is not clicking the shutter when thought of . Once moment is gone , you might not experience the same again . So let your hesitations and worries pass away when holding your camera . Stop worrying about focusing , technical settings or light and when your heart tells you to click , just 'click' . Capture that moment .

Don't let your brain decide what to be shot . Don't let it get hold of your thought and let your feelings and emotions control your shooting process.

 Photo By Jesse Marlow

Only 'Click' What Makes Sense To You 

One of the biggest things that all professionals miss when they start is this - to be more selective about the scenes that they find interesting . Rather than taking 2 or 3 photos of everything ,  like 2 or 3 situations and then 'click' the hell out of it . 

A beginner is satisfied with a 'good' photo but the master runs behind 'perfection'.

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Photo By Joel Meyerowitz 

You Dont 'Take' Photo , You 'Make' Photo

There is a very thin line between 'taking a photo' and 'making a photo' . To amateurs it sounds lame but there lies a big difference between these two .

Taking a photo is pretty easy , not so creative act .It sounds aggressive and forceful . Anyone can 'take' a photo but only love for photography can 'make' photo .

Making a photo sounds like a love affair with photography . It sounds like you want to make someone or something even more beautiful . 

Thus , a small change in terminology can make a big difference.   ​

Photo By Henri Cartier-Bresson 

Photograph Your Fears

For many of us it is hard to make 'good' or 'great' photos . Some people tend to get confuse as what to click and what not to click . 

Everyone knows their fear , like , photographing strangers , standing on a high cliff to shoot a perfect landscape or just making a photograph that might not please others . 

Just get above it , photograph your fears and 'learn' . Never avoid your fears when it comes to photography as you never know your 'potential greatest photo ever' is behind those fears waiting to be clicked .

Photo By Bruce Gilden 

Shoot With Your Instincts But When It Comes To Editing , Use Brain

​The best mantra or tip you can get is that when you are out capturing memories , you should shoot from your gut. Overthinking can 'spoil the broth' . Follow your instinct and photograph anything that makes you emotional , excited , serene or just makes you 'yourself' .

Once done clicking photos use your brain and not your instinct to select the photos and later edit them.

X-Factor In Your Frame

When it comes to making great photos , a photo without that 'X-factor' will never catch your viewer's eyes.

X-Factor is that strong subject or element that makes the photo alive , that narrates the story by staying still.

By adding that X-Factor to you photo , you capture viewer's attention as well . So always think of an X-Factor before making a photograph.

Photo By Bruce Davidson 

Crop Your Cropping habbits And Not Your Photos

Many of you might be wondering what a pathetic suggestion . However , it is one of the best piece of advice that a photographer can get .

Cropping your photographs generally makes you lethargic.

Once a habit is made ,  your composition will definitely get better . you would start experimenting with your subject , angles and compositions . 

If you just started off with your photography career , the try not to crop photos and with time you will see a drastic improvement in your framing as well as your creativity.

Patience is that lesson that every photographer needs to learn . Never rush or be in hurry to achieve what is great because what is great comes with patience and perfection . Just set your expectations low and your spirits high.

'Give Atleast One Great Photograph before You Die'

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